Tuesday, April 17, 2012

the graver outline

So I've been trying to focus on writing lately. I've got a great premise for a story that's starting to flesh into something that's getting to be really fun. For me anyway. We'll see if I can make it interesting to anybody else. I read a book around Christmas that suggested I put my storyline up on my wall in the form of sticky notes and it was like the last piece of what I needed fell into place and everything suddenly made sense in my brain all at once. It was awesome. There are still some holes. You'll notice the second picture with all the white space. That's my climax. Right now it has a sticky note right in the center of it that reads, "Daniel realises he has what he needs, he pushes forward". (I don't know what he needs yet, or what he does to push forward) That leads to, "Daniel and Emma go home". Gripping isn't it? I'm hoping I'll know what to fill all that in with by the time I get there.

Anyway, I started working on an actual outline yesterday. I've never done this before and I'm nervous, which is why I'm over here at my blog typing this out instead of working on my outline. I technically came up with an entire outline yesterday. It took me two and a half hours to come up with it because I couldn't figure out how to start. Wanna see it?

Chapter 1
The story starts somewhere.

Cool stuff will happen.

Then it will end.

Oh yeah. I'm gonna be Stephanie Meyer by Christmas.


enginerd said...

I love the outline. :) I'm sure it will come together and it will be great. You have a great idea going! Good luck.

Jenny said...

So excited that you've started, Amy! The sticky note idea is a great one.